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3D Bamboo Duvet Cover Sets

At Threel we like to offer our customers the very latest designs and fabrics. Bamboo is a great example of this. Bedding made from bamboo fibre is breathable and eco-friendly, plus it has natural antibacterial qualities and can protect against skin problems and allergies. Bamboo fibre is also wonderfully soft against the skin, which is a very important consideration when choosing bedding.

Bamboo fibre sheets, a bamboo duvet or bamboo cover for your bed is the ideal accessory for a hot summer’s night. Bamboo fibres are highly absorbent and wick away the moisture from your skin, which helps you to enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep.

A bamboo duvet, sheets or bamboo cover is more expensive than regular cotton, but it will last for many years. Our bamboo bedding comes in a great selection of stylish designs to suit all tastes, so if you suffer from allergies and you want a luxuriously comfortable bed, we recommend you choose from our range of bamboo bedding.


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    Angle 3D

    Bamboo fibre, naturally antibacterial, breathable and cool, with its l...

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